I was right

I like being right. It's almost as good a feeling as winning at something, anything really. So I had a moment of joy when Sezzy IM'ed me this morning and just said "uh oh". When I asked her what was wrong she said she was making an inspiration board and that she was having too much fun with it. And that it proves that I'm right. I still wasn't quite sure what she meant, but then she elaborated:

Sezzy: the red. with the teal...
Me: what
Sezzy: the colors
Me: what about them?
Sezzy: they look good together
Me: ah ha!

Sezzy likes the idea of teal as one of our colors. Not the primary color because too much teal can be overwhelming. But touches of teal. I don't really get involved in all this stuff because I don't really care all that much what colors we have at our wedding as long as it's not ridiculously gaudy. I let her handle these things because the bride is supposed to (I think). So rewind about 2 months. I was considering having my youngest brother be the ring bearer and I was trying to figure out a way to distinguish him from the other groomsmen. I thought having him wear a different color tie or something would do the trick. When I suggested red, Sezzy made a face and said "red clashes with teal" and basically passed my suggestion off as stupid.

So now, she put out an inspiration board on her blog and I get to brag because she adores it. Check it out here. It's full of win.

I love being right.

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